Super soup!!

Out shopping today and I caught sight of an enormous cauliflower, the size of a football. Now I love cauliflower, but Bari doesn’t so usually if I buy one I only get a small one. This one looked too good to resist and knowing my recent success with soup I decided to get it.

I sliced some onion and fried it with quite a lot of butter and olive oil and also some grated root ginger… I had a feeling ginger and cauli might be nice. I also added loads of nutmeg, freshly ground black pepper, a couple of allspice berries and a couple of hot chillis. I added the leaves and stalk of the cauli and cooked for a few minutes until they were soft. I added about a third of the cauliflower chopped up, sweated it a little then poured in about a pinto of vegetable stock.

When it was cooked (I think I should have cooked it a little longer) I blended it, rubbed it through a sieve (my new secret of success) added some cream blended with cornflour (my other secret of success) reheated it and voilá!

…and in my campaign to not waste food, I used the squidgy stuff which wouldn’t rub through the sieve as a sort of course vegetable paté on toast! I was super proud of myself because I didn’t use a set recipe, but just followed my instincts!





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