An endless store

I have so many volumes of poetry on my bookshelves and I have to confess, some of them I don’t look at very often, while others I constantly dip into.

When I was teaching I discovered this site:

What a treasure trove! Not only was I able to access old favourites, but I was also able to track down poems I only half-remembered and poets I had half-forgotten.

One of the greatest joys, however, was discovering new poets who soon became favourites. It was here I discovered my favourite Martín Espada, also Jon Loomis, Kim Addonizio, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Whitman McGowan, Peter Gizzi and so many more. A real box of delights!

The site offers more; it will deliver you a poem a day to your mailbox, there are some lovely gifts of all sorts you can buy, I bought this for my goddaughter:

Emily Dickinson Necklace

…this necklace features the opening lines of Emily Dickinson’s classic poem #1741 (“That it will never come again / Is what makes life so sweet”) pressed into sterling silver. The second layer of the pendant is a leaf cut from gold.

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