Those were the days!

I was always lucky when I was working as a teacher that I had wonderful students (even if some of them were a bit challenging as the jargon goes!) but I also had simply amazing colleagues.

In my last job working  in the PRU we were a very small team, very close and I knew I could depend and trust my colleagues in everything  As well as having great affection for each other  we also had a shared sense of humour, and sometimes I was reduced to helpless hysteria by the funny things that happened. This would sometimes happen in meetings, and especially when someone made a slip of the tongue and got their words or metaphors muddled.

The early days

We tried to keep a list, but some of the best, like the biggest fish, slipped away… others became legendary.

Here’s a selection, the names have been changed to protect the guilty! (These are all colleague quotes, no children were involved in the making of this list!!)

  1. Touchy- monkey
  2. Bend over backwards and make a rod for your own back
  3. Thorn in the ointment
  4. Electric trousers
  5. Dave,  please don’t fart in my rubber pants
  6. She looks like a tinfoil turkey
  7. Can’t see the light for the trees
  8. Going up a niche
  9. Handed a spoon to redeem himself
  10. It’s not brain science
  11. I don’t want this to go between these two walls
  12. Simon: I’m going to skin a rabbit in the dark… Joey: Is it a real rabbit?
  13. It only becomes an issue when it becomes a problem
  14. He sets himself up as a tangent
  15. Speaking hand on head
  16. It’s highly unlikely we won’t be having him
  17. Sometimes you can’t help showing your thong
  18. It’s good to have bolts and braces
  19. If a face could paint a thousand stories
  20. Well, duck, I think you’re swimming without your trunks.
  21. Tethering (dithering)
  22. The scatter cushion effect  (scatter gun)
  23. Positivity
  24. I’m vindicated of all responsibility
  25. Her hair was like a Beefeater (bearskin)

I think one of my favourites is ‘the spoon of redemption’! I actually really do laugh out loud when I even think about it (chuckle, chuckle!)

Outward bound… team-building… two colleagues showing the way… or are they lost? maybe they need the spoon of redemption!

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