The temple of Mammon


I love shopping for books, or music, or food, or wine… I don’t really mind shopping for shoes if I really have to… but clothes shopping, fashion, the latest trends… big soulless greedy shopping malls… get me out!

We had to go shopping for various reasons and had to go to the big new shopping centre in Bristol, Cabot Circus. My daughter was very jealous, but for us it was not a treat.

The shops were filled with every item you could imagine in an endless variety of shape, size and colour. There were restaurants, cafés and bars galore, again offering such a vast array of food and drink that you could eat something different for every meal for a year… but why? What is the point? Is choice everything? Doesn’t it just end up as baffling? I mentioned that I enjoy shopping for food…in markets or in small artisan shops but not the vast hypermarkets with whole aisles of breakfast cereal, hundreds of jams, biscuits, crisps…

I can’t see that more choice leads to greater happiness, I just don’t get it.

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  1. Isabel Lunn

    I agree completely. Can’t remember the last time I went to the Trafford Centre which is our equivalent of the Cabot Circus. However, I do like Bristol despite the confusing one-way system. Have you visited Wesley’s Chapel right in the middle of a shopping centre? I think it’s a little gem.


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