A gift

Many years ago when I was about fifteen, I began to write to a young man in Singapore whose English name was Eddie Cheong. I am sorry to say I can’t remember his Chinese name, as I only ever called him Eddie. We continued to correspond for years and years, and always hoped to meet but unfortunately that didn’t seem possible.

Then a friend and colleague of his, Jamilah, came to Britain; a lovely young woman who was in the Singapore broadcasting company; we invited her to our family home and we got on so well together that she and I began to correspond and eventually she invited me to Singapore… and I went!

What a delight it was to meet Eddie at last! I met his family and although I stayed with Jamilah and her grandparents in their kampong, I got to know Eddie very well. It was a most wonderful and unforgettable holiday. I still have this bronze plaque that Eddie gave me, sadly I no longer have his address.

I suppose one of the many things to learn from this story is that you just never know when an opportunity will present itself; I never dreamed  aged fifteen, that one day I would fly halfway round the world to meet my penfriend!


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