Turkish Delight

I’m more of a savoury person, really, I would say I never have desserts when eating out, and if at a friend’s house I would prefer cheese if it is offered. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate or sweet biscuits or cake at home.. in fact we only ever have any if we’re entertaining or it is Christmas!

I do like a few sweet things though, although I rarely treat myself to them; anything ginger, especially ginger in dark chocolate, Indian sweetmeats (ooooh, I adore them, gulab jaman, halwa, jalebi, kulfi, ras malai… oh ras malai…) and the sweetest of all, Turkish Delight! I love rahat lokum, the curious texture, the delicate flavour, the cheek-tingling sweetness… I usually get a box of Hazer Baba assorted Turkish Delight for Christmas  pistachio, lemon rose…

But the other day, my husband bought me a nostalgic treat, Fry’s Turkish Delight… the chocolate is too sweet and almost sickly, the Turkish delight is too rubbery and an improbable colour, but tit was deliciously nostalgic and I enjoyed every mouthful … and who can forget the 1980’s adverts?


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