I was flying back from Belfast with my daughter and drifting round the duty-free shop wondering whether to buy some whiskey for my husband when I was approached a gentleman who worked there asking if I would like a free taster… What me? Taste whiskey? Was he joking? Yes pleases!!!

He poured us a generous wee dram of The Irishman, and one for my daughter as well… now she doesn’t like whiskey but she obediently sipped then handed it to me… well, it was very nice…

I thought I might buy a bottle as an anniversary present so the kind gentleman suggested I try the others in the range; they were too expensive for me but he said if I was never going to buy a bottle of the expensive one (£70) then I could at least have a free try from him… so I had another wee dram, and my daughter’s wee dram too.

Did I like Yellowtail wine? No matter that I wasn’t going to buy any right now, maybe I’d like to try some Shiraz Cabernet? Oh smooooooooth!!! Mmmmmm!

…and maybe some Merlot? Oh I like it!!! Now, I had already decided to buy a cheaper and a more expensive Irishman whiskey and we couldn’t really manage more bottles so I didn’t buy any more wine… but the kind gentleman gave me several product ‘souvenirs’ for Yellowtail.

I think he must have had a quiet day because he then offered samples of a vodka, the name of which I don’t now remember  hardly surprising after Irishman, Irishman, Yellowtail, Yellowtail, but that was very nice too and took me back to earlier days when vodka was my drink.

Since that experience I have bought many Yellowtails of different variety and they really are lovely, I really recommend them, whatever your taste in wine. My present favourite, as an aperitif…

Pinot Grigio


    1. Lois

      I like Penfolds too, but it’s sometimes expensive! I also think some wines taste better in different climates… I loved retsina when I went to Greece but it just wasn’t the same back here in cold England! Maybe I should visit Oz and try wine in the proper place!


      1. tinasrabbithole

        Absolutely. It’s also an extremely subjective thing, so to say that some wine is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ is actually really tricky… it can be ‘bad’ from a production standpoint, but that doesn’t matter if someone loves it.


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