The best British cop show ever

Why do all the best shows get pulled? I wrote a few days ago about ‘Boomtown’ a stunning American show which ran for a series and a half and despite being intelligent, witty, and of first class quality with amazing actors (Donnie Wahlberg, Neal McDonough, Mykelti Williamson, Gary Basaraba etc) it was dropped.

The BBC aren’t blameless, “Out of the Blue” was a police series set in Sheffield and was described as gritty, i.e. realistic. Again, as with Boomtown there was a sensational cast, Orla Brady, Neil Dudgeon, John Hannah  John Duttine, David Morrisey, Lennie James and others. The stories were intriguing and pulled no punches – the same as the characters! There was violence it’s true, betrayal, double-dealing, honesty and camaraderie and there were some first class story lines, one of which involves John Hannah’s character Frankie. I won’t reveal it because although the series are not on DVD, you never know, the BBC might one day relent and produce copies.

There was a video apparently… I hope I can track it down… and then I’ll have to track down a video player!


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