I can be reduced to laughter by the silliest jokes, and remain stone-faced at really clever comedians… I actually do not like stand-up, even though there are occasional gags which make me smile.

A very simple joke:

A man walks into a pub he doesn’t know and asks for a pint of best, and gets a lovely clear foaming pint. He has only taken a sip when he realizes he needs to visit the little boys room. As he has is a stranger he doesn’t really want to leave his drink, but in the end he tears a beer mat in half and writes a little notice ‘I put my tongue in this beer,’ and props it against his glass. he goes to the loo and returns to find his glass empty. Someone has written on the bottom of the beer mat ‘I drank your beer but I could not find your tongue.’


    1. Lois

      Lol! A man and a dog go into the bar, the barman asks what sort of dog it is. The dog suddenly runs out and the owner explains it’s a blacksmith dog, it had just made a bolt for the door!


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