Reader’s Digest Junior Treasury

I’ve always loved books from being a little child and although I was never one to always be wanting or demanding anything, I always really wished and hoped that I might get books for Christmas and birthday presents… and usually  was lucky. I would often receive anthologies or reference books, or collections of stories which I could read and reread. I had a marvellous book about heroes and I can remember the pictures in it now, Eric the Red, Lief Ericson, Hannibal… and a Corsican bandit… I wonder who he was and why he was in a book about heroes?

One year I received the Reader’s Digest Junior Treasury, and it is one of the few books I still have from my childhood; I mentioned before that I left a box of books in the care of a friend who managed not to look after them… I would love to know what they were, I know there was a beautifully illustrated ‘Alice in Wonderland’, but as for the others, gone, gone, gone.

I still have the Junior Treasury, published in 1960; what a great book it was for me and no doubt many other children; stories science, puzzles, historical pieces, biographies of men and women who could inspire a child… so much!

This was one of my favourite chapters; I read it and reread it and once used it to give a talk in a speaking competition at school. I was already interested in Tibet and this just added to my fascination for the country My dad was a scientist, but not a physicist and I did not take after him… I had little interest or understanding of science although I always wished I did. I loved astronomy but that was never taught at school. The Junior treasury made any subject interesting, even flying aeroplanes!

Because I grew up in an era of the popularity of Westerns and cowboys and Indians (I was Roy Rogers… until I became Tonto) I had an interest in horses, and did go riding for a while, but I was never a really horsey girl… swimming soon took over!


  1. AroonKalandy


    That wonderful Book as you said Brings Fond memories. I Read it as a Child and still remember almost all stories There, especially the Wonderful Illustrations……. I have tried
    very hard to get a coy of this book, But being in India it is very hard indeed……

    Just great seeing some of the pages of that wonderful Volume……..




  2. Kelvin

    Hi Lois, I still have my “Junior Treasury” from 1960, received as a gift for my birthday. I’ve had it re-bound by a delightful gentleman – an old-timer who grew up in the bookbinding industry. The red cover and gold “coins” on the spine are still there. What an excellent collection of stories for a “junior” – and I still read them. Thanks for you comments.

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