Aberlour, now there’s a fine whisky!

Tonight we are enjoying a little glass, a wee dram of very fine whisky, Aberlour. The distillery was founded in 1879, in Aberlour – full name  Charlestown of Aberlour , Moray, Scotland, although there was a history of whisky distillation before then on the site; it’s a Speyside single malt whisky…and my husband Bari’s favourite  It certainly is very mellow, and smooth, and I am enjoying it but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite. It has a sort of honey richness and an almost apricotty background flavour.


    1. Lois

      Aw, thank you! And the same to you! I’m trying again to do a poem a day… so far they all seem very watery, but clear benign water, not destructive floods!
      What are you working on at the moment?


      1. dlmchale

        Am self-editing my two books “The Winter Bites My Bones” and “Echoes Across Time” I need to find a real editor, but money is tight…not non-existent…just tight.


      2. Lois

        Self-editing is a bind isn’t it, I’m doing exactly the same, I wouldn’t even know where to look for a professional. Friends have read things in the past and have sometimes made really helpful comments, but it’s different from someone looking at the whole thing objectively, isn’t it?


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