Pleased… but surprised

I wonder if it’s the same for other artists – painters and musicians for example. Do they have favourite pieces of their own work, some they think better than others, some they prefer to others? Are they then surprised when their audience seems to prefer a different  piece, or rate something differently?

I really struggled with editing ‘Loving Judah’ ready for publication, and was worried when it came out as an e-book that my readers wouldn’t really like it, or not like it as much as my other two novels, ‘Farholm, and ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’. I have been really thrilled by ‘Judah’s reception, several people have told me it’s my best book yet! My novels are all very different from each other, and obviously readers have different tastes, but having worked so hard on ‘Judah’ it is really pleasing that people I respect have told me they have enjoyed it the most!

Thank you, thank you, dear readers… I wonder what you will think of ‘Night Vision’! Whatever your thoughts, let me know!

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