Primroses on a dull day


We actually have a cheerful show of primroses in the back garden… what has happened to the seasons? Primroses in January? I don’t mind though, I just love primroses, they cheerful little pale faces with a dab of  orange in the centre… they are best seen growing wild on grassy banks or is sunlit spring woods, but I love mine in my garden, growing among the raspberry canes.

Aislin in ‘Loving Judah’ is cheered by the sight of them:

Aislin sat for a long time, utterly desolate, utterly lost. It was as if she’d been shipwrecked without ever having realised she was at sea. She wandered out into the garden. It was a bright day, a lovely day and she looked at the space she and Sandi had cleared; as soon as it was dry enough she would make a bonfire of the cuttings.

She thought at first it was a piece of waste paper, litter blown into the garden. She stepped over the rough ground, and there, beneath the beech hedge gone mad, was a mound of pale primroses. Just beyond, bobbing slightly in the breeze was a patch of snow drops, so pure, so bright, so cheerful.Well dammit, if they could be so cheerful in this neglected wilderness, so could she.


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