The Ship

We are so lucky in our village that we have two really wonderful pubs, selling great beer, well-kept, and with lovely landlords and ladies and great staff. We usually go in the Dolphin, that’s out ‘local’ although the Ship is only a couple of hundred yards further on.

The Ship is the older of the two pubs, and although we go there less frequently we always enjoy ourselves when we do, whether it is for a meal, home-cooked, or a beer, well-kept, or the quiz as we did last night.

. The quiz at the Ship is different from the Dolphin quiz; six rounds including a music round and ‘Wayner’s’ round, with off-beat questions from the landlord, Wayne. We went along last night and had as usual a great time, and great beer! We drank a few pints of Blue Stone beer,  a Welsh beer which was excellent… mind you, Wayne really knows how to keep good beer, you never get a bad pint!

Sadly, Bari and I did not do very well in the quiz… in fact we came last! However, as a booby prize we got a big bag of crisps which we enjoyed with the last slurps of our beer!

There’s a ghost in the pub, but I don’t think even he could have helped us do better in the quiz!


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