My secret love…

I have to share a secret with you…. some might think it is a shameful secret – well I am not ashamed! I declare I have a secret love. He is a man of charm, sparkling eyes, wonderful dimples, perfect teeth, curly hair, and the voice of an angel… no it’s not Raul Malo, my not so secret love, it is…

How could anyone not be totally captivated by Gio Compario? A true hero rescuing maidens in distress! I am more than a little disturbed that in the latest of his ‘movies’ (i.e. adverts) he has been the target of assassination attempts, the saintly Sue Barker, Ray Mears, even Professor Stephen Hawking have tried to do away with him!

Fortunately, I can tell you that his alter ego Wynne Evans is flourishing

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