My slim and sophisticated friend

In two days time I shall be going to Bristol Airport to meet my dear friend Elly who is coming from the Netherlands to spend a couple of days in Somerset before we fly up to Glasgow. We have been good friends for a long time now, I’m not sure how many years, but our friendship started through our mutual love of the Mavericks – a fantastic and very talented band. Elly and I corresponded at first and then she came to visit us in England, and we went to the Netherlands to visit her… and so it has continued.

We love being in each other’s company, and being with other people who follow the Mavs; we always have such fun, and laugh so much, we really are great friends and it is all thanks to their music! Their music… this is the reason Elly is coming over so we can go and see the band who are playing in Glasgow… no doubt there will be photos, lots of photos, which I’ll be pleased to share with you… in the meantime…

An old video… but a classic! I’m sure he sings “Oh girl, in a moment I may kiss your lips, Lois,  been a while since I felt like this…”!


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