Highland Park… the best… and now even better

Many years ago I came across Highland Park whisky; it was a wonderful whisky, full of flavour and with a whole mille feuille of different tastes, a glorious bouquet of flavour in your nose and in your mouth. Unfortunately it became a little expensive… or maybe my pocket grew smaller, or maybe I discovered Irish whiskey… whatever… it is many, many years since I have tasted Highland Park.

Last week, as by now you will know, I went to Glasgow to see the Mavericks with some dear friends  it was the most magical night of my life and after the gig we met the band, and the tremendous support act, The Black Diamond Express. My dreams came true when I was able to chat, in a completely normal and pub-like way to Eddie, and Paul and then Raul himself. The sort of guy Raul is, he buys his fans drinks… I offered to buy him one, but no… and in this dream of an experience I asked for Highland Park. Would it match up to my remembered expectations? Well, of course it did!


Coming home we arrived early at Glasgow Airport and I wandered into the duty-free shopping area. I met a charming and helpful salesman called Ryan,  who introduced me to the true delights of Tequila (yes, I bought a bottle of Patrón) and I also bought a bottle of Highland Park… I have a wee dram beside me right now!

Thank you, Raul!

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