Bodger and Badger

My children didn’t watch a lot of children’s TV, but there were programmes which not only they watched, but I found myself watching too. There was ‘Bailey Kipper POV’ about a video-mad boy who installed CCTV around his home to spy on his family… it sounds rather creepy now, but it was funny and innocent then! There were the Cramp twins, Wayne and Lucien… which I never quite understood, it was very dark for a kids cartoon programme, but the children seemed to like it… maybe I would enjoy it more now!

However, the absolute favourite was “Bodger and Badger”; Bodger was a handyman cum caretaker cum seaside hotel proprietor who had a companion badger, an anarchic character with an obsession with mashed potato and a friend called Mousey. Badger in fact was a puppet (ssssshhhh! Don’t tell the children) and the humour was pure slap-stick and very silly. However its very silliness was what made it such fun, and apparently it had an almost cult-following among teenagers and students who had watched it when they were young.

The programme started in 1989 and ran for nine series.  I wonder why the BBC didn’t release a series of videos/dvds – I’m sure parents would be buying them now!

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