Derrick’s Tea Room… still the best.

We went to Clevedon today, a small town just further north up the coast from us. Like Weston it started as a small fishing village and grew in the Victorian era to a popular seaside resort so it has a mixture of different sorts of buildings. Clevedon has had people living in the area since earliest times and there are Iron Age settlement remains; it is built on and surrounded by seven hills, Churchill, Wain’s Hill Dial Hill, Strawberry Hill, Castle Hill, Hangstone Hill and Court Hill. (Why are towns and cities so often built on seven hills, Rome, Cambridge, Bristol… and now Clevedon? Why seven?)

We didn’t find much to see in the town, and it was rather chilly to walk along by the sea and to be frank, it wasn’t that interesting, so we retired to a rather nice seafront café called Tiffin’s. It was rather small and intimate (in a lovely way) and I didn’t take any photos. The décor was very pretty, pale green and a contrasting lime. There was a good menu of different teas and also things to eat… we settled for tea and cakes and I had a cream tea. I had Eyebrow Tea… OK, so it is really called Chunmee Tea, and two scones with home-made jam and clotted cream.

It was really nice, the staff were very friendly… but it just wasn’t quite as good as Derrick’s!

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