Now I know why Raul Malo likes Patrón!

I think I’ve written about my first experience of drinking tequila before, outside a prison in Lancashire at about 7:30 in the morning… if I haven’t then it’s for another time. Needless to say, I wasn’t that impressed with the experience, drinking anything straight from the bottle so early in the morning can be a hit and miss experience.

Now I know that Raul Malo drinks Patrón, and I had occasionally looked at it in the shops but it is quite expensive over here and I’d thing ‘tequila or whisky,’ ‘tequila or whiskey’… and the whisky/whiskey would win. When I had drunk it before it had a sort of stale biscuit flavour, and not  a stale biscuit flavour in a good way…


I flew to Glasgow to see the Mavericks with my friend Elly, and had the most wonderful time with friends, cousins, and watching the band and meeting them after the show. Glasgow is great city and we just had such a fun time. Sadly it was time to come home so we went to the airport; I was wandering round the duty-free area having bought a bottle of Highland Park (and that’s another story) when a I stopped by a display of Patrón Tequila, the sort that Raul Malo, singer and song-writer of the Mavericks enjoys; a young salesman called Ryan approached and asked if I would like to taste some. I hesitated and explained I didn’t really think I liked it very much, and I was more a whisky person. He suggested I tried a shot and poured a generous dram of golden liquor which he said was better with ice… hmm, I thought, I don’t like ice in drinks… so he gave me the dram without ice…

What a revelation, layer upon flavour of flavour (no stale biscuits!) and he added some ice, and he was right, it was good with ice. I tried another variety which although was nice, didn’t have the depth and complexity of flavour of the gold one. I also tried a coffee flavoured tequila, which wasn’t very nice… not my sort of thing! So… I bought a bottle. Ryan explained about the bottles, hand-made and with individual numbers on…. and we talked a while about drinks and drinking… and then with thanks, I returned to Elly who was reading her book, and sadly left Glasgow, but gladly returned home with wonderful memories and a bottle of tequila!


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