Just a little review…


I just wrote a brief review for Amazon; I so appreciate it when people review my books and always try to review what I’ve bought too.

Having waited nine years for a new CD, I’m delighted to say that it really was worth the wait! If you ever liked the Mavericks, then you will love ‘In Time’, 14 brilliant songs written and produced by Raul Malo, the charismatic lead singer. Since the Mavericks last CDs, Raul has had a successful solo career, but I’m thrilled that he has reunited with Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, Eddie Perez and Jerry Dale McFadden to produce ‘In Time’. Just the sound of it is amazing, powerful, strong, and with terrific depth provided by the accordion of Michael Guerra and other guest musicians such as Al Anderson, Jay Weaver, Jamie Hannna and Seth Walker.
Many of the songs are instantly recognizable as Mavericks numbers, but that does not detract from their quality nor their originality; I like songs with narrative, and this is what you get, each one tells a story and just glancing at the titles will give you an insight into the sort of thing you are going to enjoy.
If you are a fan of the Mavs, then you have to buy this CD; if you have never heard of them, buy it and be prepared to have a unique musical experience… and then go and explore their back catalogue!


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