Six days to go!

Just six days until my next novel, Night Vision, comes out as an e-book on Amazon.

I’m working really hard, going through it yet again, out loud, which means I sit here trying to pretend I’m reading someone else’s novel on Radio 4, trying to distance myself from my work and be objective. When I am not physically working, my characters are busy in my head, and I try to see the narrative through different people’s eyes. This novel is from Beulah Cameron’s point of view, so while away from the computer, I imagine the action as viewed by Neil, or Rafi, or John. This is a good way for me to spot inconsistencies or anachronisms, where I mention something before it has happened – and as I’m not writing from the unseen author’s stand but from one of the characters, it has to make chronological sense. I also want to make sure that the reader is given enough information that when a surprise happens it is believable, not a sudden arrival of a  previously unknown cousin from Peru, or an escape on a motorbike which has never been mentioned before.

Six days… just six days… I’m not excited yet… too busy!

tequila mav (3)
Perhaps I need a little….


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