Saltpans… the story behind the name

My stories start with  a snatch of overheard conversation, or the fleeting expression on someone’s face, a stranger maybe, or a name on a page or sign-post, or the glimpse of somewhere as I pass…

A place I have passed many times is a most elegant and lovely house overlooking the sea; each time I see it I am struck by its grace and style, and wish I could live there, or maybe even look inside.  Before I actually saw it as a whole, I noticed the name which enchanted me, Saltpans. I have never heard of another house named the same and thought what a nice balanced word it was.

I’ll never be able to look round it, let alone live in it… I won’t be able to but the characters in my story can! In Night Vision, Beulah and Neil Cameron have moved to Easthope but their plans to buy a house in a nearby village fall through, and then they find the details of the perfect house!

Beulah stopped at the estate agents to see if there were any new properties. The handsome dark-haired man who worked there was beginning to know her and as she came in he waved and called her to his desk. “Got a couple of things you might be interested in,” he said, and she sat and accepted a coffee while he looked for the properties he’d found. His name was Anders, she noticed from his badge. “Here are two, there’s another, I can’t quite remember where it’s been filed – it only came in yesterday.”
The phone rang and he answered and she was happy enough to sit and read through the details. Neither was right, one had tiny rooms but lots of them, one had a stark appearance, the windows small and high up. There was a pile of details beside her and she leafed through while the man answered the complicated questions some vendor was asking.
Her heart stopped; this was the house. This was it. It was in Easthope, and she knew it, Saltpans, on the corner opposite the coastguard cottages looking over the sea.Its front door was on hope road leading back into the town, but the windows looked out across the bay. It was unfortunately close to Stephanie’s flat but otherwise everything was perfect… except it was too big. A dining room, a morning room, a sitting room, sun room on the land side, a huge kitchen, utility room, decking, a garden, double garage, four bedrooms two en-suite, a box room and a bathroom on the first floor, a studio and another bedroom and bathroom on the second, and attics, and a cellar.
“I didn’t realise you wanted something as big as that,” Anders smiled, he had dimples she noticed but he saw her interest, his experience reading a sold sign across the details.
“Oh, this is wonderful, but we could never afford it, and it’s far too big. Oh, but it’s lovely.”
“It is lovely, it’s been owned by the same family for nearly fifty years. It’s beautifully maintained inside but may need revamping, nothing wrong, just dated. You might be able to knock them down on the asking price, I think they’re chancing the market at the moment with it being so buoyant, but really they want to sell. Because of its position I could see someone buying it to convert into a b & b, or holiday lets.”
“That would be such a shame, it’s a family house. Oh, god I’d so love it, so much space…but we’d rattle around like a couple of peas.”
“Find some friends to share it.”
“We haven’t got those sorts of friends down here…” …except for Austin and Annie. Did they really mean it about living together? In a house this size they’d be able to have a sitting room each, more than enough accommodation if all four boys came home together.
“But you’ve thought of someone?” Anders smiled, he had perfect teeth. “Are you serious?” And he was serious too.
Her face was flushed and excitement made her eyes sparkle. “I really am very interested! Can I arrange to view?”

Here is a link to ‘Night Vision’ – I would love to have your comments and would be most grateful if you could post a review on Amazon!!

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