A link to Night Vision

Thank you so much everyone who has supported and encouraged me in my writing, especially in the past month when I have been working flat out to get Night Vision published. It arrived on Amazon last night; I had gone to the Dolphin to celebrate (a nice pint of Potholer, and then a nice pint of Doom Bar) and when I returned there it was loaded and ready! I did wonder why there were so few people in the pub on a Friday night, but then realised I had lost track of days and it was actually Thursday!

As you may know, I would like to publish my books as actual books the reader could hold in their hands; that is my dream, but having been unable to find a publisher, or agent for stories which I have written over the last twenty or so years (not counting my earlier three which would need a total rewrite to make them publishable!) I decided to publish them myself as e-books on Amazon.

coverNewly bereaved, Deke Colefox learns a dreadful truth about her beloved husband Niko. She travels to Farholm Island and risks death to uncover the lies he told her.

ROSA COVER (2)Rosa Czekov is an ordinary person who, through an extraordinary act of courage, brings herself to public attention; this includes a persistent but anonymous stalker who makes her life a misery. Her cousin Tyche Kane has a mission to discover the stalker and bring him or her to retribution.

Scan blog cover 2The death of Aislin McManus’s adored young step-son Judah is a catastrophe, the fact that his father, Peter blames Aislin almost breaks her heart… and then she meets another young man, Bavol Polglass.

Scan nightBeulah and Neil return to his childhood home of Easthope to try and repair their damaged marriage. Neil is profoundly and wrongly jealous of Beulah’s best friend; however Beulah discovers that Neil has his own secrets which may damage their marriage more permanently.

Night Vision can be found here:


I hope you will enjoy Night Vision, I will be so grateful to receive any comments about and any of my other novels!



  1. rossmountney

    Huge CONGRATULATIONS Lois. I know what it takes to get this far through my own books. With you saying about publishing a hard copy for people who want it, I found I could do so through the Amazon company Createspace with hardly any cost (just admin really) and it was really nice to allow folks to have a ‘proper’ book too. Wondered if you knew about it? You probably do. Anyway, hope this sells really well. x


  2. Isabel Lunn

    I was talking tp my friend Jim Williams who has had a number of books published over the years and his next one will be an e-book. He also suggests CreateSpace. Have you had chance to have a lookat it yet?


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