Groupie… another chapter!

Last night I went out to see my drummer boy’s current band and took with me a dancing friend so we could get up and boogie… or whatever the word for my a-rhythmic gyrations to music!

Bari’s first band, which is still going, rocking longer than The Stones, is The Sabres, a five-piece with only one new member in fifty years!

Souvenir sweatshirt...Geoff, Chris, Bari, Mick, Guy
Souvenir sweatshirt…Geoff, Chris, Bari, Mick, Guy

The boys met at school and after various different singers and guitarists, they settled on the five of them, Bari on drums, Geoff on lead guitar and vocals, Chris on baas, Guy on rhythm and vocals,  and Mick is the lead singer.  Bernie came in to replace Chris some time ago. They still have half a dozen gigs a year, most play in other bands as well, and Mick has his own radio show.

Is that a halo above Bari's head?
Is that a halo above Bari’s head?
Guy and Geoff
Guy and Geoff
Bernie and Guy grooving at a rehearsal chez Mick
Bernie and Guy grooving at a rehearsal chez Mick

One evening nearly twenty years ago, as Bari and I were quietly at home in Oldham, someone rang and asked if he fancied joining a band… he was already playing in a brass band, a concert trio, and for various Am-Dram groups, but the chance of doing some real rocking was too good! he joined Classic Gold which soon became Driving Force. I love every bad Bari has been in but Driving Force are my all-time favourite! They came and played at a special party I had a couple of years ago! The original line-up was Bari on drums, Stu on bass, John on rhythm (although he left the band) Roger on lead and vocals, and Nigel (who could give Freddie Mercury a run for his money) on lead vocals. It was thanks to Driving Force that I ‘met’ The Mavericks… and the rest as they say is history!

Bari and Roger
Essential communication between Nigel and Bari
Essential communication between Nigel and Bari
The gig... Nigel's first number
Nigel giving it some blow
Stuart… who is also in the amazing band ‘Fast Cars’

We moved to the west country, too far to go back to Oldham for rehearsals and gigs, and one night Bari was a long time coming home from the pub… he had met up with a group of musicians who became Celtic Shambles  They were called Celtic because of the music they played and Shambles because… well yo can guess the rest! A great band, great fun, great characters and wonderful music! Bari as usual was on drums, also on bodhrán, bass and limberjack, Terry vocals and various guitars, Mick on mandolin, uke, guitar, and any stringed instrument you can think of… and he sang too, Amy on fiddle, tin whistle and vocals, Kevin on vocals, lyrics and lagerphone, and guest appearances from Jim on bass.

Kevin and lagerphone
Kevin and lagerphone
Mick singing
Mick singing
Terry and Amy grooving on a sunny afternoon at the pub
Terry and Amy grooving on a sunny afternoon at the pub
Penny, Mrs Pen at the back door of the pub
Penny, the one and only Mrs Pen at the back door of the pub

Bari’s latest band is a hard rocking group of seven, The Stealers, Bari on drums as usual, Simon on lead, Duncan on lead and vocals, Ian on bass, Dave on keyboards, Ann on sax and Chloe on vocals – a great sound… do I have any pics, sorry no! I did take some, I promise, but they were all blurry and fuzzy, unlike the band who were not the least bit blurry or fuzzy!

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