Pictures in my head

I have such a very clear image of my characters, I can see them as clearly as any real person that I’m thinking about. I sometimes even see people in the street or pub and think, gosh that looks just like, Deke, or Rudi, or Aislin…  But I daresay my readers have their own pictures too! When I’m discussing other books with friends or at my book clubs, we often disagree about the characters of the novels we’ve read, each taking a different slant on how he author has written about them.

I was talking to my husband Bari about this, who as well as being a drummer, is also an artist, and I set him the challenge to draw the characters from Night Vision from the way I described them (I don’t think he’ll read the book, although he has bought it!

So here are his thoughts… not altogether the same as mine!

This is Annie, who is the nicest person you could possibly imagine, very kind and thoughtful; she is in her fifties and is a little set in her ways, until she and Beulah become friends! She has grey hair in a long bob, the same style she has had for the last thirty years!
This is Austin, who is much more handsome than the way Bari has drawn him; he has very black hair and a much neater beard – he is married to Annie and she wouldn’t let him get away with being so scruffy! He always seems very serious, but he has a dry wit and begins to lighten up when his cousin Neil and wife Beulah come to stay.
Beulah 2
This is Beulah, the main character in the story; she is in her late forties but is one of those people who never seem to age; she is totally unaware of how attractive she is.
John is a bit of a mystery; he seems a drifter who comes with no settled place to be. He’s scruffy, and his clothes are tatty, but he does not look quite as trampy as Bari has drawn him. He occasionally turns up with a neater haircut and trimmed beard, other times he looks quite unkempt and shaggy.
This must be a picture of Neil as a young man; he is in his late forties and he and Beulah have been married for nearly twenty-five years. He is stunningly good-looking, even though he’s approaching middle age and his blond curly hair is turning to silver. His most noticeable features are his piercing blue eyes. He and his cousin Austin are as close as if they are brothers.
This is Patrick, Neil’s younger brother; he left home when he was fifteen and this is the last picture of him as a young man in-his twenties. Like his brother he is stunningly good-looking, but darker not fair and dreamy eyes.
This is Beulah’s best friend Rafi; he is much fatter than this and is usually laughing, however, things are tough in the restaurant trade, so maybe he is worrying about his place in Manchester, and his tapas bar in Chorlton!


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