I’ve never read ‘Slaughterhouse 5’

There is a programme on the radio called ‘I’ve never seen Starwars’ and the premise is simple but fun; well-known people list things that most people have done but they never have  as the title implies. Then they try several of the new experiences and decide which was the best; usually they are quite difficult, like learning to swim (Paul Daniels) or building a brick wall (Jan Ravens) or it could be trying a new food like tofu (Jenni Murray) or reading a classic book or watching a popular film. Only one person actually has watched ‘Starwars’ as a challenge, actress and director, Kathy Burke.

So what about me, what have I never done, eaten, listened to, or read?

  • I’ve never read ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ by Kurt Vonnegut, although I have read many of his other books
  • I’ve never eaten a Pot Noodle
  • I’ve never been to a stand-up comedy show
  • I’ve never watched ‘Marigold Hotel’
  • I’ve never been to Turkey
  • I’ve never changed a bicycle tyre
  • I’ve never drunk Black Velvet (champagne and Guinness)
  • I’ve never stayed in a French gîte
  • I’ve never listened to an album by The Smiths
  • I’ve never had a massage

Some of those things I would quite like to do, the Vonnegut book needs reading, I’d love to visit Turkey, I fancy a Black Velvet, I could happily stay in a French gîte, and I’m sure I could change a bicycle tyre.

Some of those things I wouldn’t mind trying, eating a Pot Noodle, going to a stand-up…. but listening to the Smiths? Watching ‘Marigold Hotel’? It would have to be for some very good reason or massive sponsorship to a charity… having a massage… ugh, the thought makes me shiver… and not in a nice way!!


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