My little girl is home!

Just before my daughter’s first birthday we went on a family holiday to Northern Ireland;  although I had been to Eire before I had never been to the north of the island of Ireland. We fell in love with the place and continued to go every year, with only a few misses. We tended to stay in County Antrim at the tiny village of Portballintrae, near to Bushmills where the world-famous whiskey is made. I can’t remember exactly how many times we had a family holiday there, probably about fifteen… usually for two weeks, but a couple of times we had three weeks there. Because we so loved the place, cousins came over with us sometimes which was lovely.

When my daughter was choosing where to got to University she was very practical, and having chosen the subject she wanted to study, she then looked at where it was possible to go with the subjects she was taking at college, and which Universities were best for that subject. Top of the list was… the University of Ulster!… and where was the campus she would be studying on, Coleraine, a town she had visited dozens and dozens of times and which she knew really well. A visit to the University and a meting with the enthusiastic course director confirmed it as the place she wanted to go. She worked hard, very hard, achieved the results she needed, and whoohoo! She is now studying in a place she loves.

I am delighted for her of course, but this does mean she is away from home… last night she returned for the Easter holidays… when I say last night, it was actually at 4 o’clock this morning, the plane was delayed by snow at Belfast! So hurrah!! My baby is home!

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