Family holiday… home we go!

Yesterday was our last full day of our family holiday for this year, and we spent it in Westward Ho! and Appledore. Other members of the family went out and about doing different things, walking, going to different places others had been earlier in the week such as Doone Valley or Porlock… and some of us, namely my cousin Robin and son Matty, went fishing. They had been fishing the previous day without success… this was mitigated by Matty’s amazing catch!

matt's fish (1) Wow!! What a beast of a rainbow trout!matt's fish (2) Look at it compared to my hand! matt's fish (6)The proud fisherman preparing his catch!

It weighed well over 15pounds and was a magnificent beast. I mentioned that on the last full day we have left-overs and ham joint for dinner, last night we feasted on baked trout too! Not everyone in the family likes fish, so some of us who do were lucky enough to be able to take some home with us!

We’re not sure where we will be on holiday next year, maybe Mundesley in Norfolk, maybe Dorchester in Dorset… wherever we are, I know I will love every minute of being with my family!


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