A big adventure!

I went to meet my publisher, Raye at Honey Pot Press today. I am going to publish my two stories for reluctant readers, and my story which forms a guide to writing for young people, or anyone really who wants to look at different forms of narrative.

There, I said it! Quite calmly as if it was something I did frequently “I went to meet my publisher”… whoohoo! I am so excited! I have self-published four novels as e-books for Kindle, but my children’s stories will be real  in my hand, actual, with pages, made out of paper, books! they will be for sale in books hops! I will try and get them into schools! I will be able to pose with them, write dedications in them, send them to friends and family… It really is the beginning of a thrilling adventure, and if in ten years time, I am sitting here with piles of unsold copies of ‘Run, Blue, Run!’, ‘Screaming King Harry’ and ‘The Story of Rufus Redmayne’, even if they end up in the remainder pile in a bookshop, or on a shelf in a charity shop, I won’t mind, because I will have published my work!

Visit Raye’s Honey Pot press site here, it’s really interesting!  http://hpp5.moonfruit.com/



    1. Lois

      I know! Actually she’s just a really nice ordinary person like us – ex-teacher who has started a little business! But I have an ISBN number… so thrilled! had to go to the pub to celebrate!


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