Cover design

There is nothing as helpful and useful as having someone else look at your work, especially if you are sitting beside them.

I went to see my publisher (that sounds so exciting – and it is!) on Friday  and we looked at the three books I’m having published for reluctant readers; it was so useful to look through her eyes at my work… suddenly I saw that a frame I had put round one cover didn’t work, the colour of font on another cover was hopeless, and the positioning of a text box was not right… all tiny things but they leapt off the page at me as they hadn’t done when I spent hours working on them.

We went through the text s well, and layout, and again the little things she noticed and commented on, as suggestions not criticism made so much sense and yet I hadn’t noticed them before. Just talking through my work brought up a couple of really useful ideas, a table of contents for one book, and an explanation of how it worked, the font used in another… It really was as if I had a new pair of editorial specs perched on my nose.

The text editing was useful, but the covers are crucial – that’s what my prospective readers will first see!


  1. Carl D'Agostino

    I am a very goode prooffreeder and coppy editer. But as qualified as I judge myself to be I always have someone else proof read text I produce of a significant nature. Incorrect spelling, poor choice of word and typos are often missed because our mind’s eye often sees what is supposed to be on the page not always what is there.


    1. Lois

      So troo! Sometimes when I’m reading my work, I’m not even reading it off the page, I’m reading it in my mind, my eyes are just sightlessly skimming the page!


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