Hot chocolate

As a child we had a hot chocolate drink but it was cocoa made by Bournville, not drinking chocolate; the thing is with cocoa, you have to cook it, it doesn’t just dissolve in hot milk, or as the mixes work these days, in hot water. We would have it in the evening, before bed but not every night. Other bedtime drinks were Horlicks or something called Milo… if I remember correctly! We weren’t an Ovaltine family!

When I visited my friend Frankie on a Saturday morning, sometimes she would make hot chocolate – I had never come across it before I visited her family and how luxurious it seemed! We always put an extra spoonful in the mug, but then deliberately didn’t stir it properly so there was a lovely chocolatey gooey bit at the bottom!

I have always preferred savoury things to sweet, and although I do like some sweet things, as the years have gone by I like them less and less; now the thought of hot chocolate is yuk! But I do look wistfully at it as my daughter drinks it, decorated with marsh mallows, cream, flakes, chocolate sprinkles… it does look nice on a hot day… but not for me!


  1. Nisha

    There are so many varieties of hot drinking chocolate out there on the market but I avoid the cheaper ones as they taste awful! I usually go for dark chocolate drinks because they’re richer in taste.
    I always thought Milo was exclusive to South Africa(where I’m from), I didn’t realise it was an internationally known product… 🙂


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