Me llamo Lois!

This afternoon I am going to a Spanish conversation class which is just starting and taught by two friends of mine. I have only been to Spain once, and I loved it! We went in October and stayed with pals who live over there; they really showed us the sights and we had a wonderful, unforgettable time and I would love to return. I was a little embarrassed when we were over that apart from the basics, hola, adíos, sí, no, por favor and gracias, I could say nothing! I resolved that before I went back, I would learn a little more so I could as for things in shops for example, maybe have a very basic conversation, and definitely understand more of what was happening around me.


As you probably know by now, one of my favourite (OK, my very favourite) singers is Raul Malo, a Cuban-American who sings absolutely gorgeously in any language, but particularly Spanish, his first language. I have just about everything he has ever recorded, plus other music and musicians he has been connected with, Los Super Seven, Ozomatli, Ruben Ramos, Rick Treviño, Flaco Jiminez and others. Over the years since I’ve been to Spain I have listened to a lot of Spanish songs… maybe some of it will have stuck? I will let you know! In the meantime, adíos!

Have a look at these three videos:





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