Folk club at the Dolphin

On the first Monday of the month, musicians with every sort of instrument gather at our local pub, the estimable Dolphin, and we are going down tonight.

This is going to be the baptism of the cajón which Bari made, never before played in public! He will also take his bodhrán that he used to play in Celtic Shambles, the Dolphin’s house band – Celtic because of the music they played, Shambles because… well you can guess the rest!

Kevin Terry, beer, Mick
Kevin Terry, beer, Mick

Tonight I expect there will be plenty of guitars, maybe a mandolin or two, musical spoons, maybe some whistles, probably a cello and an accordion, perhaps a banjo, singers, singers and more singers. As it is a folk night the music is generally traditional, English, Irish, American, but it could be there is music from anywhere in the world, hence the cajón!

Mick singing
Mick singing

It is a little early in the year, but when the warmer evenings are with us (fingers crossed!) then we will be outside, singing, playing, drinking, and enjoying ourselves!

The back

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