My first acquaintance with a font was way back before even my memory stretches, and I can remember sitting in my pram aged about 118 months and having my finger bitten by a little boy. I was a little baby when the first font came into my life when I was Christened.  The ceremony happened in the Church of The Holy Sepulchre, commonly called the Round Church, in Cambridge. My parents had been married there, and aunties and uncles too, and so it was natural I guess that I should be Christened there, and my sister two years later. I still have my little certificate from the event when, Aunty Audrey, Aunty Daphne and Uncle John became my god-parents.

Photo0300You cant’ really see in this picture, but there is a little Christening certificate at the front of this display on the font of All Saints church, Kingston Seymour.

My featured image is the font in the church of St John the Baptist, in Axbridge Somerset. The font below was where a most remarkable man, Admiral Robert Blake was christened in St Mary’s church in Bridgwater, in 1598.

bridgy feb (22)

A remarkable man for many different reasons, was poor Robert Day, an ancestor of my husband who had a hard but sad life, widowed three times and dying in a workhouse in Guildford. He was born and brought up in Lidgate, Suffolk, but moved from there with his wife, to London in search of work during the agricultural depression. His family were married, buried and Christened in St Mary’s church, Lidgate.

The baptismal font in Lidgate church
The baptismal font in Lidgate church


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