The Mavericks… better every time… and better still!

What an amazing weekend… I think it is going to take me a while to remember all that has happened and process all the memories, thoughts and feelings. As you may know I am a great fan of the Mavericks, a band which defies descriptions or pigeon-holing into a genre. Their music… rock? Country? Latin flavour? If you haven’t already come across them, or if you only know the classic ‘Dance The Night Away’, then you are in for a treat… youtube them and watch, listen and fall in love!

They are extraordinary in another way too… yes their music is sensational, yes you can’t help but dance to it, marvel at the melodies, love the lyrics, be blown away by the sound and the groove, but they somehow are able to engender real friendship among their fans.

DSCF3151Four friends who have found their friendship through the Mavericks

On Friday I went to see them in Manchester with Jenna and Hannah, great chums of mine – we have met each other through our love of the band and their music. They played in the Bridgwater Hall, a very prestigious venue. We stayed over and then went to Birmingham, where we saw them again in the Birmingham Symphony Hall… and I may have thought they were the best I had ever heard them on Friday… but they were impossibly better on Saturday.

DSCF3160The incomparable Raul Malo

DSCF3162Raul is a man of incredible  talent and charisma


  1. aphotographerfriend

    So exciting that across the Atlantic, when I read your words..I know exactly the emotions and feelings you have after the experience of watching and hearing Raul and The Mavericks again! So wonderful how many of us from so many different and far away places feel united in friendship and affection for this wonderful group of kind and talented musicians. Love your posts! ~ Hillary


    1. Lois

      Thank you Hillary! And the wonderful thing is if we ever do meet, our American friends coming here, or we going to you, we always become real friends! I’m going to visit my friend Elly this weekend who lives in the Netherlands – we became best friends through our love of the boys and their music! Thanks for your kind words!


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