Lucinda Belle

There is nothing better than going to a gig to see a band you really love, than finding out that they have a great support act too.

This happened to me in January when I went to Glasgow to see the Mavericks (who else?!!) and The Black Diamond Express were supporting them. A fabulous Scottish band, the like of which you will never have seen or heard before, and I really recommend that if you don’t know them you get their album… that is if you don’t live in Scotland and can’t manage to see them live!

DSCF2726On the trail of the Mavs again we saw Declan O’Rourke supporting them in Manchester; I have seen him before and was a little disappointed as he wasn’t quite on his best form – but I’d still pay to go and see him if he was gigging near us!

We followed the band to Birmingham and when we went into the wonderful Birmingham Symphony Hall and took our seats at the front, the very front, there on the stage was a full-sized harp.The lights went down and onto the stage stalked a most beautiful young woman, dressed in a stunning outfit, which reminded me of  a traje de flamenca, a flamenco dancer’s dress, short at the front and longer at the back. It was in a leopard-skin print, most arresting  This young woman was Lucinda Belle, and she sat at the harp (hence the dress) and absolutely rocked!


She was accompanied by a young man on guitar, who also sang in some songs. Lucinda had the most tremendous voice which sounded wonderful in the symphony hall. Most of her songs were self-penned, and were sort of jazzy/bluesy/rocky… Just the sort of thing to set us up for the Mavericks! It was only a short set but although I was looking forward to the main act, I would’ve happily listened to more. She had a great stage presence; although she was so very beautiful she had a friendly almost mischievous manner which was quite enchanting.

At the interval I rushed out to get a drink and bumped straight into her. I told her how much I had enjoyed her set and told her I was going to buy her album ‘Me And My 45 Strings’,  for my husband (and me!), and she took me over to the merchandise stall and signed it for him. She was so enthusiastic and friendly, and amazingly talented, I really hope she tours because I would love to see her again live.

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