Bubbling… and erupting

I am well-known for being spectacularly absent-minded and forgetful… always have been. When we were children, or even teenagers, my sister Andy, two years younger than me always had the tickets, the money  the passports or whatever else we needed because I would be sure to lose/forget/misplace them. At the same time I am renowned among family and friends for possessing an elephantine memory for stuff, trivia, family connections, conversations, faces, places… I am the person in the pub quiz who knows the answers to the whacky questions.

What a conundrum I am… absent-minded and yet a computer-like knowledge of family history going back to the seventeenth century and a head full of random knowledge.  I blame the people who live in my head, and the landscape they live in… OK, before you think I am completely mad, I do know that they are characters in my stories, and the landscape is one I’ve cobbled together from different favourite places I’ve visited.

In my head a the moment is the novel I’m editing, Flipside, the continuing stories of the characters from two of my other novels, Night Vision’ and ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’ plus other tales which keep bubbling out of the little grey cells.

I wrote some time ago about wanting to tell the story of a family called Radwinter, and on the train coming home from Birmingham the other day, the narrative began on paper… I hadn’t planned to write it yet, but suddenly there was Peter Radwinter knocking on the door of his brother, Paul who had asked him over to meet his new fiancée, Ruthie.


I had been thinking about a family of brothers, I’d pondered over names and yet suddenly here they were on the page, with a fiancée and an as yet unseen wife, Rachel, and a cousin called Max. Paul it appears, has four sons, the youngest of which is twelve-year old Will.

I have a feeling first names may change, they don’t quite fit what I have in mind…

On looking back at my previous post about the Radwinter family I find that then I had in mind two sets of cousins, Jerry, Jules and Johnny and two others. Somehow they have morphed into one family, and lost a brother in the transition… wait a minute… a lost brother! Hey! How about that…. a lost brother… my mind is bubbling…



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