I can’t believe it was a week ago…

A week ago, three ladies, two nights, one band… My chums Hannah and I went to see the Mavericks on their latest tour, and we saw them not once, but twice, in Manchester and then in Birmingham. When I got home, in a stunned dream of excitement, memory, amazement and more than a little longing to see them again soon, I wrote a brief post.


DSCF3151Three ladies and a friend! Going to Mavericks gigs is all about getting together with friends!

This week I’ve had to really restrain myself from telling everyone I meet all about it, over and over… so I have just headlined how wonderful the weekend was, how sensational the band was, how the whole gigs rocked!

The original Mavericks are the charismatic Raul Malo, lead singer, song-writer, producer, guitarist, Robert Reynolds, vocals and guitar, and the coolest man in music, Paul Deakin on drums. Jerry Dale McFadden who has to be seen to be believed, is on keyboards and vocals, and is the greatest dance you will ever have seen, and the man in the suave suit and amazing shoes and on lead guitar, Eddie Perez.

mavs 8

As well as the five Mavericks, they have a back row of four stunning musicians, Max Abrams on sax, looking like a handsome young professor who is delighted to have found himself in a band, another amazing and good-looking musician Michael Guerra on accordion and sometimes guitar, Quentin Ware who is a fabulous trumpet player with great presence, and the man in the top hat (white on this tour) Elio Giordano who plays double bass. These nine musicians produce a phenomenal sound, if you’re wearing socks they will be blown off!

The Mavericks announce their arrival on stage by having the music from ‘Zorba the Greek’ played which gradually mounts to a crescendo. The audience begins to clap and then to shout and then to scream and when they are absolutely wild (well, at least we were!) the boys come trooping on, dashing and handsome and ready to rock!

We were right at the front on both nights, on the right side of the stage, directly below Jerry Dale and Robert, and with a wonderful view of Raul and Paul.  Behind JD were Elio and Michael, and unfortunately for me, in Manchester, Michael was a little concealed, but I had a great view in Birmingham. Eddie was a little far over but we could still see him  with his virtuoso performance – he is such a star, and we were directly in line to see Quentin and Max.

They launched straight into their set, and hardly had the applause and the tumultuous cacophony of whistles and appreciative yells, yelps and howls died than they were into the next magic number. As usual there was an intermission for the band, leaving Raul on the stage to sing three wonderful heart-stopping acoustics numbers.

How many highlights were there? Too many to mention… the little collective moan when Raul took off his neckerchief? Eddie going wild in his solos? JD’s dancing? Too many to mention!

Here’s just a flavour of what we enjoyed:


  1. jena

    Yes! Raul has that effect on people! I love the friends I make through music the most of all. But I still hold a grudge for Raul allowing Eddie to sing “In My Dreams” instead of him doing it the last time I saw them hahaha! xx


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