Cocktails… now I never thought I liked cocktails… I didn’t want to mix the nice flavours of different drinks together… and they always seem so expensive… My mind was changed by a delicious Mojito I once had with a friend while waiting to see Raul Malo on his solo tour… it was cool, refreshing, full of flavour… must try it again sometime.

On our recent visit to Manchester we had to visit the Hard Rock Café and since it was a special occasion we had to have some cocktails; I had what I think was a Lovely Rita… or maybe it wasn’t  but it was Tequila and Cointreau (had to have tequila because it was Patrón and we were seeing Raul Malo that night) and utterly delicious. Jenna had something else which looked rather nice with fruit, Rory had a magnificent blue thing which I guess was with blue Curaçao, and Hannah had a Groupie grind… yes really, and it wasn’t even alcoholic!

Now this Groupie Grind… well, it had a life of its own, and the more Hannah drank the more of it there was. It was like the old fairy story of the magic porridge pot; the drink, lovely as it was kept bubbling up like golden lava and overflowing the glass…. Napkins, wipes… nothing could control it.


Eventually Hannah gave up and Rory with the aid of two large straws subdued and consumed it! One more funny thing which happened to us on the way to the concert!






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