Left over spuds? Don’t waste them!

I just saw a news item about food waste – which I abhor anyway, but this was about the amount of potatoes we waste. Apparently 5,000,000 potatoes are thrown away… now I don’t know if that is each day, week, month year but it is a lot of potatoes! (Did someone actually count them? – Just joking!)

Our problem with potatoes is that they go green, even if we keep them in dark bags and specially bought bags, so now we just buy the small amount we need… any that do go green and then chit (sprout) we plant and usually they grow into plants and produce more potatoes.

Left over cooked potatoes can be used for all sorts of things, even left over roasties can be popped in the oven and ‘refreshed’. Boiled potatoes can be mashed and heated or used on shepherd’s/cottage pie, made into potato salad, cut up and fried for breakfast, or used in frittata or added to stews or curries or soup, or made into soup with leeks. Mashed potato… well why would anyone throw mash away? It is the most delicious thing in the world just fried, patted really flat so there is plenty of crispy bits, used to make potato bread/scones/cakes, used in puddings and sweet cakes (yes really, google it and find a recipe)

Finally, I’m not very keen on bubble and squeak, but mashed potato is a core ingredient and those who like it really like it!!

I wrote about this before… have a look at what happened when I planted some of those chitted potatoes!


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