Wish tree

Out on a walk and we came across a tree studded with coins. The tree was a Y shape and one of us said it was like a wish-bone. We all stuck coins, well, you have to don’t you, banging them in with a handy rock. I’d never seen anything like it before, but apparently it is not uncommon in the british isles, and some of the trees date back to the 1700’s. The cousins I was with said they’d seen something similar in Mallam Cove also in Yorkshire, and then someone else mentioned they’d seen one somewhere else.

DSCF3516I’ve seen wishes written on paper and stuck in tree holes or on twigs, and I’ve seen ribbons or bits of cloth tied round branches, cloutie trees apparently, but never seen a coin wishing tree before. The practice of sticking coins in trees is said to date back to the 1700’s, but that is just the earliest coin that has been found in a tree. To me it sounds the sort of pagan tradition which might date back thousands of years… but who really knows!


Trees are mysterious… very mysterious…


  1. poetmcgonagall

    I’ve heard of wishing wells, but never wishing trees. They make sense from a pagan point of view, though, if you apply sympathetic magic. Trees grow, and so by extension will the coin grow into wealth or the wish come to fruition. It’s a similar to planting crops during a waxing moon.


    1. Lois

      Yes, you’re right I’m sure… it certainly was quite extraordinary and the shape of the tree seemed relevant. If you google wish trees you get some amazing images


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