All my life I have struggled with deadlines… somehow time eludes me and so often the essay/report/minutes of a meeting/assignment is due in within hours and it is still not finished. I just don’t know how it happens because I have always worked hard, not been lazy or idle but maybe just distracted from the main aim of what I’m doing. Everything ends up in a rush and although I don’t think I’ve missed a deadline or many deadlines, it’s all very last minute.

I’ve been so pleased with myself on my MOOC archaeology course, (massive open on-line course from Brown University); I have submitted both assignments on time and in plenty of time, I’ve completed the peer assessments without rushing them to be fair to my fellow students who have worked hard on their assignments, and only yesterday I smugly remarked that everything was going well… until I wake up this morning, go to do some work on the next assignment, and no!!! It’s due in 19 hours – nineteen – NINETEEN!! How did that happen? How did I misread the due date? Why did I think it was the beginning of next week? How on earth did it happen?

Oh well, guess what I’ll be doing today… Times wingéd chariot and all that…

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