Moussaka… such a long time since we’ve had it!

It’s ages since we had moussaka and I think last time I found it a little greasy… so I shall try again using a different recipe and see if I get on better! I love the combination of spices, lamb and succulent squidgy aubergines and that lovely cheese sauce on top! I have a traditional Greek one from a book my beloved bought me when he went to Greece many years ago before we were married. I also have a Hairy Bikers recipe… in case you don’t know them, the Hairy Bikes are a pair of cooks who are… well, hairy… and bikers!

Recipes seem pretty standard, layers of tomato/lamb/onions/herbs/spices and aubergine and then topped with a bechamel sauce…. But wait a minute the Hairy Bikers have potato in their recipe… well, I like potato but not sure I want it in a moussaka. Anthony Worrall Thompson, another TV cook has a rather nice combination of herbs and spices, so maybe I ”ll think about his recipe. Rick Stein  an expert on fish, a restaurateur and TV chef has quite a simple recipe, so simple might be best.

Or maybe I should just go back to my Greek recipe book… yes, on the whole I think that’s best!



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