Fish fingers

The Dolphin, the best pub in the world, has extended its menu and times of serving food. There has always been a great range of lunches, the  specials board changing everyday, and there has always been a fabulous Sunday roast – on Sundays of course. Now, due to popular and regular demand, food is available in the evenings and we’ll be going next week to treat ourselves. There was a new bar snack and grazing menu available last night which we perused as we enjoyed our Otter; the menu included fish finger sandwich… which of course, knowing the Dolphin kitchen will be a little more than the title suggests… in fact I might even choose it when we go!

Fish fingers, those small fillets of fish coated in breadcrumbs, served with tomato sauce… every child’s favourite – and a lot of grown-ups too! It reminded me of a trip to a fancy restaurant in the Pennines, La Grenouille, many years ago; it was in the pretty market town of Holmfirth, the setting for the popular TV series, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. A young school lad who was waiting on, came to take the order and someone wanted ‘goujons de plie’ – goujons of plaice. The lad, who was clearly a schoolboy doing a part-time job,  seemed baffled at this until it was pointed out on the menu.

“Oh!” he said, all was clear. “You mean fish fingers! I only do physics!”

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