My day on a plate…

Each weekend, the Daily Telegraph has a little item in which a personality (actress, journalist, broadcaster, writer, explore, politician… anyone known to most readers) describes their day and what tehy eat; I shared Arne Dahl’s day a couple of posts ago and then wondered what my ‘day on a plate’ would be… rather boring I’m afraid, but this is honestly it!

6:40 wake up but stay in bed planning in my head the next part of a new story; this thinking time is really important… and no, I’m not just lying here dozing

8:00 Make a big cup of strong  tea with leaf tea and  semi-skimmed milk (a big cup is a pint!) Check emails, BBC news, WordPress, Facebook etc, write first blog of the day

9:00 two slices of Finncrisp crispbread with 1/3 of a banana, one slice of Finncrisp with a thin slice of Cheddar cheese; begin to upload pictures and commentary for my next MOOC assignment and continue working on my next novel, Flipside

10:15 go into town to meet Spanish friend at our favourite place, The Coffee House, and have an Americano

12:30 home for a salad of lettuce, red onion, cucumber and red pepper, rock salt, pepper, olive oil with some habanero chillies and balsamic vinegar, some feta cheese and a crust of brown bread, cup of tea

1:00 continue work on assignment, peer assessment and Flipside; write second blog of day and drink coffee

3:30 the assignment is finished and submitted! Large cup of tea then start the ironing

5:00 I’m not very hungry for some reason, so while the family have a treat (fish fingers and chips and peas from the garden) I have a cucumber sandwich and retreat to the computer to finish my peer assessments, post another blog and drink ginger tea

7:15 cup of coffee and into my daughter’s room to tidy it; since she’s been at uni we have just put stuff in there, now with visitors arriving it needs tidying

8:55 return to computer to put out last blog of the day and work on Flipside…. but maybe I need another cup of coffee!

11:00-ish last cup of tea, a ham sandwich, back to the computer to watch a new archaeology video for the next week’s course work, back to Flipside

12:45 bed… a few chapters of Agatha Christie… lights out and then back to my thinking time about my next story, and eventually…. sleep!



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