I have the rum… but what was the cocktail?

I think I am going doolally… I remember having a simply delicious and refreshing cocktail once… not sure where, maybe when I was in Manchester last year seeing Raul Malo on his solo tour… or maybe it was somewhere else… and I remember it had rum and maybe mint, and lime and ice and it was very drinkable and not sweet and sickly… but what was it? The cocktail in my featured photo is one I had at Hard Rock Café in Manchester and it was tequila and Cointreau…

So I have the  rum (light golden) I have a lime, I have some mint growing in the garden, I have ice in the freezer, I have some soda water… should I just have a guess and make it up and hope I get the quantities right and haven’t missed anything? Or does anyone know what the mystery forgotten cocktail might be?

me and Raul

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