DSCF3583I sometimes notice a place, a house or a building and it just catches my fancy and I know that sooner or alter it will appear in one of my stories. Look at this great front door and knocker, and what a good name Meldene…. Meldene may of course change into being a character… the Right Reverend Eustace Meldene, maybe? Or Timothy Meldene, head of house in a posh independent school? Or how about Maltravers Meldene who lives on a barge, a scion of a noble but decayed house, who tries to make his living with rather dodgy art? Maybe it should just remain as the name of a house…!


    1. Lois

      Oh he does, doesn’t he! He reallyshould be a pug! Thanks for the suggestion… I don’t think I’ve had any dogs in my books yet so maybe he will be the first!


      1. Isabel Lunn

        Whenever I hear about pugs I think of that revolting one that Anne Offley had. Do you remember it? Funnily enough Dominique Cole and I were remembering her and the pug when we met up in France in June


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