Dark hedges

I'm glad it's not dusk...
I’m glad it’s not dusk…

Sometimes you visit a place and you don’t have to have much imagination to find it atmospheric. Such a place is dark Hedges near Armoy in County Antrim; we visited there early afternoon on a bright through sunless day. Even with light streaming in through the trees and the occasional passing car it was an extraordinary place and it was easy to feel a slight raining of the hair on the back of the neck and  a few goose pimples rising on the skin…. I’d like to visit at a different time, early morning maybe, or evening, or even drive along it at night… I don’t think I could venture there on foot in the dark, my imagination is too wild!

It has been used in several films and many, many more wedding photos! Surprisingly I haven’t seen it on many postcards or calendars, but maybe I’ve been looking at the wrong ones. I wonder though, how many other creative people,like me, writers or painters or musicians, have taken away the image in their minds and used it later, maybe many years later as an inspiration for their work?

I see where Toklien found his inspiration for the Ents
I see where Tolkien found his inspiration for the Ents



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