I’m not one of those people who continually check how many ‘views’ or ‘likes’ or ‘visits’ they’ve had to their blog; I mentioned the other day why I write it, it’s a way of practising my craft (does that make me sound like a poseur?)

However, it’s Monday, so  I have had a look at what last week was like  for  interaction, and it was really low in terms of viewers, etc; in the past week there has been a day after day decline, apart from a bulge on Wednesday. It was the ‘worst’ week since the end of June, and if the pattern continues, August will have the lowest viewing figures since October last year. Is August a month where people are away from their computers, are my blogs less interesting, is it just ‘one of those things’? In the northern hemisphere it is summer, so many people will be outside or doing things away from the virtual world, in the southern hemisphere it is winter so should there be a bulge in interspace activity? I guess it is a conundrum I cannot know the answer to…

In the meantime I will keep writing, keep trying to engage with an audience, practice my craft…. I just enjoy blogging!


  1. Daniela

    I also do not count views, or even check stats page often. Like you, I started blogging in hope to practice writing and hopefully become better at it. Everything else comes along as a wonderful surprise. As it happened I am currently writing a post on difference between blogging which mostly requires on-going dialogue with other bloggers, versus writing which is mostly a solitary activity (at least this is how I see it).

    All the Best,


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